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Whether you're a dancer or always wanted to move like one, you'll love Open Barre. This balanced workout combined simple movements from Ballet with Pilates toning and Yoga stretching. All performed at the ballet barre to allow you to move through space with ease. No dance training required. Comfortable attire.


A form of suspension training designed to improve body awareness, muscular strength, and flexibility in a safe, innovative and encouraging environment.


Using the BOSU Balance Trainer, this class focuses on full body movements and exercises, combining strength and aerobics. The BOSU Ball adds a layer of instability and balance training to traditional exercises, causing the core to instantly be engaged for the entire class. You will get a fully body workout while improving your balance and core.


Are your workouts boring? You will never be bored during a circuit workout. You will complete two circuits of exercises, ranging from 10-20 repetitions on each exercise with little-to-no rest between each exercise. Each circuit class will be a full body workout, with exercises targeting your legs, glutes, abdominals, arms, chest, back, and cardio. Clients at any level in their fitness journey can get a great workout. Plus, it’s not very often that a group fitness class incorporates the Pilates Reformer!


Pressed for time but still want to fit in a workout? For this 45 minute class, the jumpboard — an attachment that turns the reformer into a horizontal jumping machine — is used to add a level of cardio and strength to traditional Reformer classes. Not recommended for beginners to the Reformer — try a few Group Reformer Classes before trying this class — but tailored to all levels of fitness.

Pilates at Nolte


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